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 The IFD550, 540 &, IFD440 represent the next generation in FMS/GPS/ NAV/COM systems. They are plug-and play replacements for Garmin 530/430 systems. Every pilot and instructor installing or using an IFD440/540/550 should watch and share this video to learn the basics BEFORE FLYING!
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Use the free iPad simulator along with the 6 hr Mastery Video Training series to jump start your learning at home or work.


Paid 6 Hr Mastery Video Series


 >6 hours with Real In-Flight Video

  • Step by step instructions to make anyone a pro! 
  • Detailed information on every chapter/page and when to use
  • Detailed explanation of functions
  • Shortcuts & Pro tips
  • Correcting common mistakes
  • Step-by-Step Instructions

3-4 Day Personal Training


If you own or are buying an Avidyne system.  You can train with  Master CFI, Gary Reeves.  He travels all over the US and into Canada to  work with individual pilots...
Become a master in Single Pilot IFR WITH YOUR NEW EQUIPMENT

This  is a very intense program where Gary will work only with you to  complete a flight review, IPC, Emergency Training, and advanced Avidyne  Mastery.  This class is designed for Pilots like you who really want to  be safer and know how to work every part of the advanced Avidyne  systems.

There are classes available every month and private training in your airplane at your airport may be available.

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