This IFR mastery program is designed for people who are already good pilots, who want to be better!

3-4 DAY IFR & Avidyne Mastery Program

If  you own or are buying an Avidyne system.  You can train with Master  CFI, Gary Reeves.  He travels all over the US and into Canada to work  with individual pilots...
Become a master in your airplane, at your airport for one low flat fee including all expenses!

This  is a very intense program where Gary will privately with you, or you and other pilots of your choice to  complete a flight review, IPC, Emergency Training, and advanced Avidyne  Mastery.  This class is designed for Pilots like you who really want to  be safer and know how to work every part of the advanced Avidyne  systems.

There are still a few dates avail in 2018! 
Don't miss your chance to become a master of your aircraft!

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Avidyne Avionics Training Testimonial

Learn why you need this mastery training for you in your airplane.

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