Free Intro Video Getting to know the Avidyne IFD540/440

   The IFD540 & IFD440 represent the next generation in FMS/GPS/ NAV/COM systems. They are plug-and play replacements for Garmin 530/430 systems. This is a basic intro to help get started.


  1. Function of keys and knobs
  2. Power On / Self-Test / Updating Databases
  3. Com/Nav/Source Tuning / Chapters and Pages
  4. Custom Waypoints / Flight Planning / IFR Procedures
  5. Hybrid Touch: Knobs & Buttons or Touch-Screen 
  6. Wireless Keyboard Flight Plan Entry 
  7. AnchorGeoFill™ Reduces Data Entry Time 
  8. “Next Leg” Depiction

Watch the Free Video Here

To Understand all the Features and become a Master of your new IFD.  

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>3 Hour Master Video Training for people who want to be masters at their new Avidyne!