About Gary Reeves



  • >16 Years of teaching avionics and Single Pilot IFR
  • Taught Avidyne  in everything from CJ2, BE-1900 down to C152
  • Single Pilot Charter Experience



  • 2019 FAA National CFI of the Year
  • Master Instructor NAFI
  • Master Instructor SAFE



  • The only Avidyne National Training Provider
  • The only Genesys (S-TEC) National Training Provider



To Whom it may concern, 

I would like to recommend my flight instructor, Gary Reeves, for the Flight Instructor of the Year award. 

I first met Gary after watching the Avidine instructional video after I purchased an FD440. I reached out, and to my amazement, he called me personally with an in-depth answer to my question. His presentation and enthusiasm immediately struck me, and after some conversation we agreed that Gary would travel to my home airport to meet for a 3 day “boot camp”. I lead a busy profession life as I’m sure do most pilots, so this was the key to being able to focus completely for those very challenging 3 days. 

I have had several flight instructors in my 15+ years as a private pilot, and would consider myself a good judge of content and technique when it comes to an instructor. Gary’s intuition is uncanny, and it seems as though he is tailoring each session to me specifically. That ability to listen and craft each lesson to the needs of the student (me) must only come from a commitment to creating safe, attentive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic pilots. 

Although I was initially impressed with the fact that the major avionics manufacturers enlist Gary to teach the intricacies of their products to new customers (and that IS impressive), it’s his one-to-one attention and the care that he gives to my individual needs as a student that I believe set him apart. 

I would imagine that if every instructor were able to reach their students as well as Gary does, we would have a safer and more involved body of pilots in general. 

I am thankful that through his aviation videos, seminars, forums and lectures that Gary is able to reach a wide audience, I’m sure everyone is better for the experience, In the mean time, I’m more than willing to schedule my yearly recurrent training between his busy schedule.....there is no equal. 

Jeffrey Hampton

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This Avidyne/IFR mastery program is for good pilots, who want to be safer!

This program is for good pilots who want to be safer flying IFR with their Avidyne IFDs.  Private classes at your location are available.

If you own, are buying or teach with Avidyne systems, this is the class you need.

Train with the only Avidyne Training Provider and Master CFI, Gary Reeves.  

He is the leading national expert in IFR and Avidyne use.

You choose if we come to you and do a private 3 day mastery course at your home airport or if you train with us in Texas!

This is a very intense program where you will fly IFR and land at Class B & C airports with SID/STARS and busy ATC in the DFW metroplex.*  This training is designed for good pilots like you, who want to be more confident with GPS in Single Pilot IFR.

  • Accelerated 3 day training is the best way to learn your new Avidyne equipment
  • Training away from home/work minimizes distractions
  • Small 3 person classes, lots of individual attention
  • After this course you will be more confident flying IFR anywhere in the US
  • Advanced training in Avidyne use, including working with: 
    • Glass Displays / Autopilots / ForeFlight
  • IPC & Flight Review included*

*IPC & Flight Review based on student ability & FAA standards


Is this ground school too and is flight time included?

It  is both ground and flight training.  Flight time in Texas is included in our  very well IFR equipped C206 that includes Aspen Glass Panel, Avidyne  IFD550/440 with ADS-B In/Out, Genesys(STEC) Autopilot and ForeFlight.  If you do a private class all flight training will be done in your airplane!

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email GaryR@PilotSafety.org

What's the refund policy?

30 Days in advance full refund.  Less than 30 days  credit will be given to a future class date.
Classes Fill VERY QUICKLY!

Onl;y $2900 per person for group classes including flight time in our Avidyne Equipped Airplane.
Register now to become a master in Single-Pilot IFR with your Avidyne.

Class Schedule for DFW Area, TX

(All Classes are Fri-Sun)


  • Jan 18-20 SOLD OUT
  • Feb 15-17 SOLD OUT
  • Mar 8-10  SOLD OUT
  • Apr 26-28 SOLD OUT
  • May 17-19 SOLD OUT
  • June 14-16 SOLD OUT
  • July 12-14 SOLD OUT
  • AUG 16-18 SOLD OUT
  • Oct 4-6 SOLD OUT
  • Nov 1-3

*Private 3 day classes may be available in your airplane.  Limited availability only 3 clients per month.

Call 714-493-9747 to book private training. 

Avidyne Avionics Training Testimonial

Learn why you need this mastery training for you in your airplane.